We listen, strategize, and produce an online presence that will change the course of your businesses.

Managing your business online is about more than a flashy website. It is about enriched content, a simplified user experience and maintaining a customer connection. Our methodology uses a 10 point plan to give your business an advantage in the digital world. If you want a lead-generating, money-making workhorse that tells your story elegantly, captures (and keeps) the attention of your audience, and drives profits to your front door, then you’ve clicked to the right place.

We help craft your story

It starts with a clear understanding of what defines you – from your products to your people to the way you treat your customers. We distill the complex into a compelling, easy-to-understand message that connects emotionally with your audience. Being beautiful is one thing, but being genuine will win you more customers at the end of the day (at least that’s what our mothers tell us).

A first impression is everything

From logos to photos, videos and everything in between, Gravitate is well-versed in creating lasting impressions through smartly crafted designs that help deliver your brand to the world. We know that different media require different approaches and we’ve got the know-how to translate small ideas into big solutions without missing a beat when it comes to creating brand consistency.

We’ll Shoot Custom Photos and Videos of Your Business

Razor Video Hightlight Reel

Over 100 happy clients, Let’s See What Some Have To Say:

South Bay Spray Tan – Stacey

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us! The website is just perfect and all your advice and creativity are indispensable. Thanks for so generously sharing your time and talents!

SunBird Apparel – Steven

I just wanted to start by telling you that we are super happy with everything your team has been doing, and have been pleasantly surprised by seeing initial results this quickly! I expect to see great things from the Fall launch in the next 6 months.

Synthetic Grass Experts – Jason

This is so beautifully designed. It doesn’t look like other people’s websites, yet it isn’t alien – people will know how to get around. It’s easy on the eyes, not shouting at me. I think you’ve hit a home run.